Investment Advisor Assignment System



The "Five Promises for Attracting Foreign Businesses to Japan" (which was adopted by the Council for Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment in Japan on March 17, 2015) established the "Investment Advisor Assignment System" at the initiative of the Prime Minister. This is a system through which State Ministers etc. will act as advisors to companies that have made important investments in Japan in order to prepare an environment in which these companies can easily consult with the Japanese government.

Invitation of Applicants for the Investment Advisor Assignment System

April 1, 2016  Designated companies on the Investment Advisor Assignment System have been decided.

[Designated companies]

[Applicant Eligibility]

In order to be eligible for participation in the program, companies must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. The company must have made a direct investment of 20 billion yen or more in Japan and have 500 or more regular employees in Japan.
    (NB) The amount invested in the Japanese subsidiary in which the applicant company holds a controlling stake is considered.
  2. The company operates in one of the strategic areas listed in the Strategic Market Creation Plan under the Japan Revitalization Strategy and is carrying out healthy business activities.
    (References) Japan Revitalization Strategy (original, 2014 revision and 2015 revision versions)(
  3. The company is expected to contribute to the invigoration of the Japanese economy through the introduction of new business models into Japan, R&D activities regarding cutting-edge technologies and/or other ways.

[Assigned State Minister]

The State Minister assigned to each designated company ("the Assigned State Minister" hereinafter) will be the State Minister for the ministry under whose jurisdiction the company's main activities fall. (In the event that a ministry is responsible for a large number of companies, it will also be possible for the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of the ministry to be assigned to companies.)
If the Assigned State Minister will be changed, new State Minister will be assigned.

[After designation]

In the meeting which companies will hold with the Assigned State Minister according to the Investment Advisor Assignment System, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, staffs of the assigned Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JETRO will sit in and support the meeting.


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